Regular, occasional or punctual housing cleaning

All our services are based on a rigorous quality control, respect for the environment and the continuous training of our staff.

We have the human and material resources and technical expertise, which makes us a privileged position within the sector. Over 11 years of experience behind us.

Regular, occasional or punctual housing cleaning


Limpiezas Poniente has a specific section orientated exclusively to cover the necessity of occasional cleaning services with absolute professionalism.

The usual services within the express cleaning section are:

  • General house cleaning
  • Complete clean after building works and reforms
  • First clean before the occupation of new property
  • Complete clean before and after rental turn rounds
  • Cleaning service after floods or other incidents in your home, business, warehouse or office.
  • Cleaning of businesses, warehouses and offices after building works
  • Pre-opening cleaning of businesses, warehouses and offices.
  • General cleaning in the hostelry sector.
  • Daily cleaning of stands at exhibitions