Ozonation Service in Hotels

All our services are based on a rigorous quality control, respect for the environment and the continuous training of our staff.

We have the human and material resources and technical expertise, which makes us a privileged position within the sector. Over 11 years of experience behind us.

Ozonation Service in Hotels


We add value to the management of their customers service, we expose a brief detail of this services as specialists in removing odors, sanitation and sterilization of the following surfaces, fixtures and spaces of the Hotel:

• Sterilization of mattresses and pillows that are used by different guests and each time they have been used by guests with viral processes, flu etc..  

• Gym, fitness room, locker rooms and SPA Hotel. Our system is a guarantee of complete elimination of the problem of fungus, athlete’s foot, and the eradication of bacteria, germs, and other pathogens.

• Rooms: environmental quality on cleaning and healthy by removing undesirable odors deodorization and disinfection, restoring environmental quality.

• Kitchen: To avoid contamination alimentary mass is essential that collective kitchens hotels maintain appropriate hygiene, shock treatments by ozone sanitation ensures all critical points of the same.

• Cold store: even if they had no ozonated atmosphere of the cameras, we advise reminding the great economic and service benefits of having that atmosphere ozonated.

• Carpets/Rugs: We eliminate mold, bacteria, viruses and mites.

• Waste storage area to prevent the formation of odor.

Therefore, the technique of ozonation add value to their services, differentiated from those who have not noticed the continuous improvement of the housing conditions of the customer, giving a solution of a healthy, economical, fast and environmentally friendly.

In addition, they deliver the corresponding ITEL CERTIFICATE national accreditation and aerobic biological recovery of facilities and treated surfaces and can expose for calm and confidence of its customers

We are a company associated with the Spanish Technical Institute of Cleaning, ITEL is part of the European Committee for Standardization and the Liaison Committee CEN-ISO, so we are obliged to ensure the satisfaction of our services.