Ozonation Professional Treatments

All our services are based on a rigorous quality control, respect for the environment and the continuous training of our staff.

We have the human and material resources and technical expertise, which makes us a privileged position within the sector. Over 11 years of experience behind us.

Ozonation Professional Treatments



Our ozonation system ensures the elimination of odors and achieve a level of sterilization sanitizing all surfaces.

We guarantee full satisfaction results in Hotels, Geriatric, Gyms, Buses, Schools, Kindergartens, Restaurants, Cold Rooms, Kitchens Group and in all types of premises and equipment.

We are a company associated with the Spanish Technical Institute of Cleaning, ITEL is part of the European Committee for Standardization and the Liaison Committee CEN-ISO, so we are obliged to ensure the satisfaction of our services.

Once the treatment for removing undesirable odors and disinfection and sterilization of the treated plants, will be supervised by our qualified staff, who would give the CERTIFICATE ITEL, aerobic biological recovery of these facilities, which may expose for peace and customer confidence and company personnel.



• Nursing homes: The odors from the urine of older people and other environments of these centers are not easily removed, ozone treatments are a guarantee for disposal and ensure quality aerobic. Besides treating mattresses and pillows, chairs and armchairs etc.


• Sport Centres and Gyms:  We specialize in sanitization and sterilization of gyms where asepsis is essential total sports centers providing the latest equipment. Our system is a guarantee of complete elimination of the problem of fungus, athlete’s foot, and the eradication of bacteria, germs, spores and other pathogens, and ensure the total elimination of odors and get a sterilization hygiene level in all surfaces, fitness, guided activities, changing rooms and shower areas, toilets and spa-resort.


• Veterinary Clinics: These establishments require the services of ozonation, both to eliminate odors, as for sanitizing levels to ensure the elimination of nosocomial infections.


• Kindergartens: Its occupants by reason of age have not developed their defenses, requiring optimal sanitation levels, so it is proposed ozonation shock level mats, soft toys and play equipment.

• Hotels: Ozone is indispensable in kitchens, cold rooms especially when they have been occupied by patients with viral processes, also in the waste storage area to prevent the formation of bad odors, pools to prevent the formation of clyptosporidium has been the cause of closure of some hotels, toilets or changing rooms in those hotels that have gyms or spas.

• Sterilization of mattresses and pillows in hotels: The ozone treatment should be performed periodically to avoid mites because the mattresses and pillows are used by guests various and increasingly have been used guests viral processes, eg flu etc.

• Collective kitchens: To avoid contamination alimentary mass is essential that collective kitchens of restaurants, hotels, hospitals, nursing homes, prisons, catering, etc.. maintain not only cleaning conditions suitable hygiene but every time you do a thorough cleaning.

• Dressing theater, nightclubs and hotels with entertainment: These enclosures accumulated odors, and if there is no careful cleaning, accumulates the presence of pathogenic microorganisms through destructible only ozone treatments.

• Cold rooms in general: Ozonation least periodically or whenever it becomes thoroughly cleaning a cold mixture prevents odor and increases the retention of the stored goods.

• Air conditioning ducts: With ozonation of air conditioning ducts disinfected get them and increase air quality. Leveraging the bactericidal action of ozone and odor removal enriching oxygen contributing to reduced absenteeism.

• Taxis: Sanitation air conditioning ducts and removing odors from inside their vehicles, whatever their origin.

• Ambulances: An ozone shock treatment for these vehicles is essential to ensure proper aseptic level.


• Auto-transport companies: Para evitar los malos olores se hace indispensable el tratamiento con ozono al realizar la limpieza interior en los días que ha habido lluvia. También es recomendable un tratamiento de choque semanal para garantizar la calidad aeróbica en los mismos y desinfección de todas las superficies del auto-bus.

• Dealers and companies buy and sell cars: Cleaning and odor removal treatment prior to the sale of used vehicles when these drivers have been used by smokers, pet owners etc.

• Yachts and pleasure boats and cruise: After hibernation yachts and pleasure boats accumulate moisture and putrefaction odors with removable only with ozone shock treatments.

• Caravaning Camping: The deodorization of the Caravans is essential after hibernation, because during the same objectionable odors are generated that are difficult to remove by simple aeration and ozonation require.

• Cooling towers and evaporative condensers: With ozonation eliminate legionellosis, plus other benefits implied by ozonation sanitizing.

• Elimination of woodworm: Ozonation guarantees Rooting woodworm.

• Recovery oak barrels in cellarsCurrently these barrels are unusable in a few years, ozonation allows the perpetuation of its durability as it eliminates the bacteria that causes the tannins amending bouquet of the wine and prevents clogging of the pores of the oak that allow wine oxygenation.

• Textiles deodorizing: Complete removal of all kinds of smells, widely used these services made up textile importers in South East Asia and coming to our country by decomposing odors textile preservatives and make them unsaleable.

• Claims on local housing or stormwater, sewage, fireThrough ozone treatments insurance companies and private owners can minimize costly damages in the first case and investment costs for uninsured owners taking advantage of the high capacity odor removal of such treatments.