Building and communities cleaning

All our services are based on a rigorous quality control, respect for the environment and the continuous training of our staff.

We have the human and material resources and technical expertise, which makes us a privileged position within the sector. Over 11 years of experience behind us.

Building and communities cleaning


The image that our community projects gives the first impression of our home. For this reason, the principal objective of Limpiezas Poniente is to guarantee you a high quality and professional service in the cleaning of your apartment building and its environs.

Following an initial visit by our technician or supervisor we devise a maintenance and cleaning project for your community according to your real needs. Within this project we detail the regularity with which we will clean each of the common zones that compose the building.

Our quality control department will maintain continual contact with the spokesperson or administrator of the community to supervise the work plan of our designated staff in order to detect any incident or problem and solve it immediately.